So What's the Difference Between an Editor and a Copywriter Anyway?

I get a lot of questions about what it is I do.

I stockpile books.

I wield a red pen with authority.

I write.

It's pretty simple really.

When I was little I was that kid reading in the corner.

As an adult I itch to circle typos in books.

My entire life I've had a serious case of word love.

So I made it my job.

As an editor this means that I get to hone, refine, and polish up the pretty little things that writers send me. It could be a book, a short story, web content, or words scrawled on a napkin. Once it's in my hands I search out grammatical errors, focus in on structural issues, and identify consistency problems (just for starters).

The bottom line is that editors make your writing better. It's just what we do.

As a copywriter my role differs slightly. More often than not I'm working for the non-writers among you. If you've ever spent hours staring at an empty screen because you didn't know what to write, well then I'm your girl.

Hand me over the raw materials (that's the who, what, why, where, when and how), and I'll whip you up a press release, write you some solid advertising copy, or list your accomplishments in a tight little bio. The sky's the limit really.

Stop wondering why your manuscript isn't quite working (I'll let you know).

Stop staring at that blank page (I've got you covered).

Let's talk.